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Contacts and Services

For Today's Entrepreneurs

Sale Assignments

TSJP specialises in the sale of established publishing businesses, typically in the value band of 5m to 100m.

Development Assignments

TSJP normally comes in when businesses are at least two years old, financially stable, with established products, seven figure sales, but limited profits.

Wealth Checks

This is TSJP's simplest service for those who want an expert outsider's cogent review of saleability; value; and how to improve both - without further commitment. Reports are competitively priced and rapidly delivered.

For Executives & Directors

The Partnership handles divestitures of fully performing and under performing assets.

For Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

TSJP encourages talented and ambitious publishing executives to keep in touch - especially if they have entrepreneurial aspirations for the future.

For Buyers and Investors

Buyers come in many forms:
  • owners of private publishing companies;
  • domestic corporate executives;
  • companies from other countries looking for a foothold in another market - either a minority share or an outright purchase;
  • wealthy individuals - who may have sold a publishing business in the past;
  • other business angels;
  • managers covertly or overtly seeking buy-ins with institutional backing;
  • financial buyers who resolve management later in the process;
  • venture capitalists looking for minority stakes in either fast growth or high income situations.
The Partnership maintains dialogue with, and invites contact from, all kinds of buyers and investors - and is continually updating its proprietary buyer database.

For Other Professional Advisers

Lawyers and accountants are key to elements of the Partnership's work and often provide appreciated introductions.

For Opinion Leaders

The Partnership welcomes the opportunity to exchange views on issues and trends in the sector with expert observers and industry leaders.