Sale Services

Capitalising on Your Investment

Creating a publishing business from scratch and making the venture successful requires courage, vision and determination. It can involve the commitment of substantial capital resources and invariably years of hard work. Successful entrepreneurs in the publishing and media would rightly take great pride in and pleasure from their achievements.

Why Might You Sell?

Today the idea of selling may seem the last thing on your mind. Yet, for almost everyone who succeeds in business, there comes a time when the thought comes to mind that it might one day be nice or prudent to have capitalised on the value in the business and move on to other things.

You may feel that now might be about the right time to sell; and many would agree with you on that. Your profits might be high and you sense buyer interest at good prices might be available. You may feel a sale would be right for your staff and the business. You may wish to retire or you may want to sell simply because you are under no pressure to do so. You may sense rightly that a sale may take time to organise and you should at least begin to explore the possibilities. You may want your business to grow in a certain direction and for this need capital resources or other skills which you feel a larger media group could provide. You may or may not wish to retain an involvement with the business after the sale.

Your Requirements From an Adviser

Whatever the reason for confiding in an external adviser on the prospects for the sale or the methods of bringing it about, you are entitled to feel that your preferred adviser:
  • begins with superb contacts among the likely potential purchasers of your business;
  • is perfectly positioned to let you know the realistic market price of your enterprise;
  • has no conflicts of interest because it acts for vendors and not for purchasers;
  • has itself a track record of continued success and the utmost professionalism;
  • has the unrivalled expertise and experience you need to bring the sale to the most successful conclusion;
  • sets out for you the deals it has done in your area and provides references and case studies for you to scrutinise and whose appointment, in summary
  • maximises your chances of obtaining the highest reward possible for the foresight and hard work which went into creating your business.

The St James Partnership

The St James Partnership is that organisation. By working with TSJP you can be sure that your foresight and hard work will be properly rewarded at the best market rate, and that throughout the entire sale process you will have an ally who will smooth the way at every step. The St James Partnership's method of working is tried and tested; TSJP is skilled in handling the entire sale process from beginning to end.

Harmonising Interests

The Partnership's remuneration, in common with investment banking practice, is highly achievement orientated. The principal payment comes when the client receives his; its amount, an agreed percentage of the final price achieved. Prior to that, there is only a modest quarterly retainer.