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Company Background

The St James Partnership was founded by Michael Benson-Colpi in 1990 with the intention of creating a specialist investment banking organisation dedicated to unlocking the maximum value from publishing and media companies' assets for the benefit of their shareholders.

Typically, this involves either or both of two inter-related services. Firstly, the development, grooming and possible financial restructuring of the business, and secondly, at the right time and in the right way, securing the crystallisation of the value through the sale of the business. The Partnership can be retained for either or both elements.

During development assignments, and especially during current sale assignments, clients' identities remain restricted information. However, The St James Partnership's (TSJP's) track record of over 40 completed business sale transactions, its most tangible evidence of its results to date, is reflected throughout this website.

" I've had the privilege, over the past 20 years of analysing hundreds of publishing businesses right across the publishing and media spectrum, talking daily with their owners and with potential investors in them. The key questions are always the same. "Is the core idea strong enough? How well is it executed editorially? How fully exploited commercially? Where are our clients in their market - and how is that market likely to develop? How many 'tricks of the trade' are they missing? (Few miss none.) How can they or someone else transform the profitability of their business? To whom would the business be worth most? How can we make that deal come about at the right time for our clients? "

Michael Benson-Colpi
Senior Partner