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The St James Partnership aims for friendly professional relationships with key individuals in buying organisations - proprietors, main and subsidiary board members, and corporate development professionals. Buyers should keep TSJP informed of their plans, and maintain their credibility as a buyer by explaining why they may choose not to take particular submitted ideas further. TSJP's job is to expose their clients' businesses to as few purchasers as necessary to secure them the deal they seek. In choosing who to talk to, the Partnership relies heavily on its proprietary database of buyer behaviour built up over the last 12 years. Occasionally, TSJP accepts - and is highly effective in fulfilling - a buyer advisory role on a specified target providing no conflict of interest exists. This role is particularly valuable for less experienced buyers, or buyers new to the sector or the country concerned.

Financial Institutions

The St James Partnership seeks to encourage two-way referrals of backable management teams, and are keen to bring venture capitalists and other financial investors a deal flow (with or without management solutions in place, depending on preference). TSJP offer confidential advice on all areas of publishing, from sector dynamics and market analysis to commenting on specific investee targets. The Partners can then provide development advice on/to investee companies and, of course, assist with all aspects of exit planning and implementation.

Other Advisers

A pleasing proportion of new business enquiries come as referrals from other professional advisers - and TSJP is keen for this to continue and to be acknowledged. Constructive lawyers, accountants and tax advisers make excellent partners on transactions and other work.

Opinion Leaders

The Partnership organises forums for the exchange of opinions with serving and retired industry leaders from around the world, stock market analysts, media industry journalists and academics; and always welcomes the opportunity to extend its contacts.